The Moon’s Influence On Your Business

Moons Influence On Your Business

The Moon’s Influence on Your Business: Many people let the unknown or fear dictate their ability to move forward towards a successful life.

The use of astrology can be helpful in guiding and directing you in a way that makes sense in both your business and personal life. A person’s moon sign can tell a lot about how a person will react and give you an indication of how to respond to that person.

Most people are familiar with what zodiac sun sign that they are based on their birthdate alone. This provides you with general personality traits given to you on the day you were born.

However, the emotions that are present as a result of your moon sign combined with your sun sign traits give clues on how you cope and manage your personal as well as business side of life.

Your exact time that you were born will determine your moon sign. However, if you can guess about when you were born, your moon sign can be closely determined.

Your moon sign will help direct you to where the potential for your success lies as it details your emotions and responses. It also indicates how you approach situations and individuals on a personal level or in business

Let’s look at the various moon signs to give you a glimpse of part of the emotional side of you as well as others.  Below are the twelve zodiac signs as expressed in terms of being a moon sign.


Aries is a fire sign and as such, there’s a lot of energy. It is one where the energy can be used for positive and inspirational goals. Those with Aries in their chart are business minded and enjoy the competition.  Aries worst enemy is its temper and the sting from an Aries’ tongue can be brutal and blunt.  Whatever is bothering them is soon forgotten after he/she expresses their anger. Knowing this will help you refrain from reacting as well as how to cope with those with a short fuse.

If you have an Aries moon as part of your chart, bring patience to the table and learn objectivity. If you are in business with someone with an Aries moon, you are fortunate as this person is very business minded with great ideas.  They are great starters with a lot of motivation, but sometimes get bored. As such, there will be times they need to be nudged along in a loving way.


Those with Taurus in their chart truly love the comfort of their homes and security, but also have a sense of adventure and an exploring nature.  Their good hearts can be taken advantage of resulting in Taurus feeling used.  Emotions that need to be kept in check with Taurus can include stubbornness, possessiveness and some tendency towards jealousy. Taurus can be judgmental.

On a positive note, Taurus is knowledgeable, caring, sensitive even if they don’t always show it, well liked, can be a loyal friend.

If this is your moon sign, learn to be more flexible and open to new ideas. If it is a competitor’s moon sign, or someone you are doing business with, show your flexibility while appreciating what Taurus brings to the table.


A moon in Gemini is one of fun and frolic, sweetness and compassion, yet Gemini’s personality can flip on a dime. Gemini often wants to have reality as it perceives it versus what is really happening.

Sometimes Gemini can push too hard in getting his/her way.   You a good communicator and yet can get frustrated because you feel no one understands or listens to you. Others tend to not give you credit for what you know and this hurts you.

This moon sign often does not recognize boundaries. If you have a Gemini moon sign, realize that not everyone sees the world as you do and doesn’t delve as deeply as you do into situations.  If you are doing business with someone who has Gemini as a moon sign, you may have to be repetitive with the boundaries you set but eventually, he/she will understand and remain loyal to the task(s) at hand.

CANCER – Those with a moon in Cancer tend to be loners of a sort and are often dubbed as being the most sensitive of the zodiac. The moods of the Cancerian change rapidly as they are ruled by the moon.  Intuition guides you more than logic. Those with Cancer as a moon sign recharge their batteries by being alone and regrouping.  Also, the dreamy state they often go into makes the Cancerian emotional. Your biggest challenge is focusing on what drives you and getting to a place of confidence. Cancers need to feel appreciated, valued and nurtured.

If you chart has a Cancer moon in it, be sure to keep your emotions in check. You are very creative and spot on when it comes to knowing what will work or won’t work. If you are doing business with someone having this moon sign, be sure to value the Cancerian’s opinion and if you disagree with what is being shared, be kind with your expressions. Remember this sign often wears its heart on its sleeve.

LEO – The king or queen of the jungle often likes to be the center stage and given attention.  You like recognition for your accomplishments and are often generous and kind-hearted. Leo is creative in his/her ability to make money and is also very supportive of his/her family members. This sign has a boisterous temper.

Despite the tendency to be a blowhard, Leo often places their attention in the wrong direction and often ends up hurt.  If your moon sign is in Leo be more selective on whom you put your effort into.

Leos are good at doing business and often recognize what others may be seeking in terms of goods or services. If one with whom you are doing business has this moon sign, be appreciative of their suggestions, and give the Leo a chance to demonstrate his/her talents.

VIRGO – Many find you to be critical when in essence you feel you are helping others. You are very caring until you feel unappreciated. You are often too hard on yourself. Virgo has a tendency to be a perfectionist and a list maker

. You sometimes get frustrated if things don’t go as planned.  At times, it is difficult for you to go with the flow, as you over think situations.

Mercury rules Virgo and as such, you are a very good communicator. Your biggest challenge is to love yourself and learn to be less critical in how you phrase things to others. If you are doing business with a Virgo, be well organized and try not to be offended by his/her remarks, as he/she is merely trying to help you.

LIBRA – If Libra is your moon sign, you are generally calm, loving and at peace…all traits you possess and want the world around you to have. However, if your world is out of balance, it’s very upsetting to you. You need to learn how to balance putting others first with putting yourself first. People who fail to pay attention to how you are feeling tend to cause you to be sarcastic and pitch a fit. Learn to balance your needs giving yourself what you need first.

Libra’s can be stubborn with listening to others especially if their requests have been denied. If you have Libra in your sign, adjust to learn the principle that life is a balance of give and take. If you are doing business with a Libra, realize that they are often wise beyond their years and connect best with those who give them respect for their intelligence and who allow them freedom of expression.

SCORPIO – The most passionate sign of the zodiac. Scorpio can be very generous but usually to a select one or a few people. Scorpio often thinks about situations that didn’t turn out as planned mulling over different potential outcomes almost to a point of exhaust. This sign is prone to depression. Scorpio tends to be exacting and critical of others who don’t do things as Scorpio would.

If Scorpio perceives a situation as he/she is

wronged, even if erroneous, he/she will hold a grudge and often can be filled with revenge. To keep your emotions in check, you need to learn to let go of things and not take everything so personally.

If you have Scorpio as your moon sign, realizing that other people can have opinions and do things in a different way while achieving your mutual objective would be beneficial to you. If you are in business with a Scorpio, give him/her praise and credit for his/her knowledge, as this sign can be insecure. Also, be tactful with how you present your thoughts to him/her.

SAGITTARIUS  – You are a curious one that seeks truth. You’re positive and optimistic even if you are feeling down. You don’t hold grudges, as you realize the value of life and have no time for holding on to anger. You’re often blunt and as such, trying to be more tactful should be one of your goals. You are often sensitive and honest which can result in others thinking you are vulnerable. Commitment is difficult for you albeit personal or business relationships. You bring a lot of energy and others are attracted to your kind personality.

Learn to be more diplomatic in how you express yourself and don’t let your fear determine your future.  Your greatest challenge is to learn how to trust others.

If you are doing business with someone having a Sagittarius moon sign, realize that the intuition of this sign is high and it may take a lot to convince him/her to commit to your endeavors. Be sincere, show initiative and acknowledge your business contact’s abilities.

CAPRICORN – You’re very intelligent and remember details or quotes that others couldn’t possibly recall. You’re very quiet and yet have a sarcastic sense of humor. Capricorn often assesses situations from all angles before jumping into new things. Your obsessive nature with over thinking or re-reading things multiple times drives those who are with you crazy.

You are very caring and loving especially to those who love you back. You’ve got a good conscience about doing things the right way.  Your biggest challenge is learning to express yourself on a personal level and to feel confident among others.  If you are doing business with a Capricorn, be on your game, as this sign is one to pick apart details, especially those involving contracts.

AQUARIUS – You are often dubbed the genius of the zodiac, as many with this sign in their chart have photographic memories. It’s difficult for Aquarians to express emotions however, when they do, the spotlight is on them. Some think Aquarius can be a little narcissistic/self-absorbed. You know by instinct how things should be done and are easily bored.

Your greatest challenge is being you as many expect intelligence all of the time. Aquarius weaves a good story, some of which is true, other times not so much. Your heart is filled with compassion for those less fortunate.

Learn to have fun as you are not always on stage for displaying your intelligence. If you are doing business with an Aquarius, realize that he/she is stubborn, so you will have to be creative in getting him/her to see your side of situations.  Also, be genuine with an Aquarius, as sometimes the Aquarian can be insecure. Be sure to bring the stimulating conversation to engage the Aquarian.

PISCES – You dear Pisces are one of the most caring signs of the zodiac. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You appear indecisive as you weigh situations back and forth, much like your symbol of two fish in different directions. For you, balance is important.  You care so much that you take on others’ worries and emotional concerns. You’re easily hurt a lot of which is because of who you allow into your life.

If Pisces is your moon sign, be more selective and strive for a balance between caring and being logical. If you are in business with a Pisces, be aware of their sensitivity while at the same time not thinking of him/her as a pushover. Pisces can hold their ground if needed; be sincere and appreciative of their talents.

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