Positive Zodiac Energy For Thanksgiving

Lucky Unlimited Zodiac Energy

The time is now to set your plans in motion. The universe is providing an extra source of energy. It’s time to put it to good use so that you may achieve your personal and professional goals.

It’s time to start celebrating and being thankful that Mercury Retrograde has ended on November 20, 2019. Further, on November 26, 2019, the Sagittarius new moon will enter the atmosphere bringing greater energy than most moons. As with all new moons, it symbolizes new beginnings. This moon’s impact on each of the zodiac signs will bring great insight especially during Thanksgiving.

It doesn’t matter if you are an earth, air, fire or water zodiac sign, this is your time to show the universe what you’ve got. Luck is on your side with Sagittarius at the table, as its ruling planet is Jupiter.

Keep in mind Sagittarius is philosophical, filled with wisdom and a seeker of truths. This is a time to not only be honest with yourself, but with others as well. There is no time like the present to get as much as you can done either physically, mentally or spiritually.

Reviving oneself in any of these energies during this time will bring clarity and focus to your overall goal(s). It’s time to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves while at the same time setting your goals in motion.

It’s important to recognize what your passion is so that your drive is assisted by Mars which is acting like a cheerleader encouraging you to set your personal and professional future in motion. Uranus will be bringing surprises to the planetary feast, so be prepared.

As we examine each zodiac sign in relation to the Sagittarius new moon, we come to find the energy in the air is both positive and uplifting. The new moon will be serving up food for thought, providing guidance and direction for your goals and giving you with the motivation that you need to be happy and succeed.


You are so full of energy and have ideas going in a dozen different directions. Be sure to take the time to gain a clearer perspective on the direction you plan to take regarding your money. This moon will influence your personal and professional finances greatly, so you will need to focus. You’ve got great ideas and are very creative. Slow it down a notch and tackle one great plan at a time. Don’t let your energy be distracted. You’ll see a major change for the better. You can’t eat an elephant all at once. Take one bite at a time.


Sometimes you can be stubborn and resistant to change. However, the Sagittarius moon will motivate you to change for the better. You’ve been stagnant for a while and in a rut. The energy from this moon will help you get more on top of your game. Examine what you would like to change in your life and then make a conscious effort to achieve those goals. Baby steps will work best for you.


There’s a playful and yet restless side to you. You are often physically and mentally on the go. However, with this moon, it would serve you best to regroup and reenergize yourself. Take the day off and have a “you” day, devoted exclusively to yourself. The tendency to be happy go lucky and with the flip of a dime be serious takes its toll on you. Regroup and reorganize how you want your life to go.


You are generally a homebody who likes to retreat when the new moon comes around. However, with this moon, it would serve you best to mingle and visit those you feel closest to rather than go into your crabby little shell. Use the archer’s energy well. You’ll be glad you did. This is a positive time to develop your personal relationships as well as create new business contacts for the professional side of you.


Your tendency to go, go, go can burn you out. This new moon indicates that you should be seeking balance with things, events and people in your life. Your worries about what should and shouldn’t be happening in your life is bringing you turmoil. Instead of running at 100 mph, try to balance your activities with relaxation. The peace that you give yourself will renew the energy your soul needs at this time to revitalize yourself and provide the ambition you need for your professional life.


The energy from the Sagittarius moon will revive you especially since life has made you feel a bit exhausted lately. This moon will bring you inspiration and make you feel brand new. Although you sometimes tend to procrastinate, you will feel more motivated than usual. What a perfect time to get going and invest energy on your unfinished personal and professional goals and projects.


Since balance is one of your chief objectives in life, now is the time to get your finances in good order. It’s time to straighten out your money matters that may be upside down. Rather than spending without a care in the world, it might a good time to get control over your budget. Once this is achieved, you’ll feel more secure with yourself and yet free from financial woes at the same time. Direct your efforts and energy into a more financially focused goal.


Love is in the air for you dear Scorpio. Being open and upfront with whomever you have your eyes set upon is the first step in the right direction. Although you may be fantasizing, reality is still going to be good if you are open and sincere. Bringing focus to the gentler side of your personality will bring forth more positive energy making your communication easier and more trusting in both your personal and professional life.


You often have great compassion for others and try to do too much. Do not let stress get the best of you. Try separating what is important from what is not important and let the little things go. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises in a peaceful spot will be a good way to help put those things that stress you into perspective. Once the little things are no longer a priority, you will have the time to focus on what will make your heart happy in the long run.


Romance is sprinkling its glow on you dear Capricorn. Many times, you will observe and may even wish for romance. You are most vulnerable right now. It may be time to open with someone you feel has your best interest at heart. It is with the support of your significant other that you can accomplish great things especially in your personal life. Use this energetic new moon to your advantage.


Even those with extraordinary capabilities need to rest now and then. It’s time for you to chill and give to yourself. Regrouping is the order of the day regardless of what your job may want. It is a time for you to reflect on what you really want and then point your sails in that direction. Let your intuition and energy guide you so that you may achieve your personal and business goals.


You give a lot to others. Be careful to avoid letting others drag you into their chaotic lives. You often stretch yourself too thin. Instead, self-care is what is needed. Put your efforts and energy into yourself first.  Turn away from distractions and concentrate on you.  This will free you to realize your business goals. Once those are set in motion, your personal life will shine with even more new energy.


The big take away for all signs during this Thanksgiving and holiday time of year is to pay attention to self-care, organizing your thoughts and accept the support of those who are genuinely interested in you and your overall plans. Use the energy given to you wisely. As with any feast, one must stay focused in its preparation. For further information on the steps you may need to take in developing your personal and professional goals, reach out to yourchartedterritory.com by visiting our online store or by contacting Aileen@yourchartedterritory.com