Let’s Go! How To Communicate With A Driven Fire Sign



We don’t always get along with others for whatever reason. Sometimes our intuition guides us to not communicate whereas other times we want to but don’t always understand how. We are all shaped by our personality as well as experiences. Our emotions and what we let others see about us are also important. However, it is not always easy to interpret other people’s behavior and to know what it takes to get along as well as how to communicate.

Knowing what a person’s astrological sun sign is gives some clue about an individual, but it does not tell the whole story about how the person communicates. Most people would not ask someone they have just met or someone that they work with the finer details of their birth chart.

So, how might you go about knowing how to communicate with someone if you do not know any of their astrological qualities such as sun sign, rising sign and moon sign?

Each sign has traits that if you pay attention and take a mental note of someone’s behavior. After a while, you will begin to recognize what might be in a person’s chart and then be able to use that information to communicate as well as work better with him or her.

There are three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. All have similar qualities; however, the way each communicates impacts their reactions, ability to focus and move forward regardless of the type of relationship. The following will explore communication traits only as they relate to a person’s sun sign which explores the traits a person was born with.


Aries individuals tend to be leaders and innovators. Many find Aries to be encouraging of others to be at their best. These individuals are optimistic and have a very vibrant personality. People with this fire sign in their chart often take on too much and as a result become over worked and stressed. Unfortunately, this can lead to him/her being demanding of others and without much tact. Although Aries is open to others ideas, Aries would prefer that you do things how ‘they’ would want them to be done. Pay particular attention to the little things and make an effort for these folks.

Aries worst enemy is themselves. They have a short fuse. The good news is that they soon forget after they have gone kaboom. Aries is very direct and yet honest about what he or she is feeling. It is sometimes difficult to change an Aries mind. Being gentle and helping him or her to see that success can be had touches the Aries business mind.


 The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of an Aries:

  • Positive Traits: Independent, energetic, sincere, caring, loving, good listener, optimistic, independent, determined, achiever
  • Eyebrow-raising Traits: Hot temper, bossy, blunt, controlling, critical, unfocused at times, not very good with expressing emotions as a whole, one-sided


Aries have good ideas but aren’t always good with the details. Pay attention to the details. When working with an Aries, make sure they are gently guided for the good of everyone and not self-centered as they can sometimes be.

Never try to pull the wool over an Aries eyes, as they are highly intuitive and can smell a rat a mile away. Be real. No phonies allowed.

Be clear in how you express yourself and remain flexible with your conversation. Also, Aries like to feel important and bask in attention. If you and the Aries get along, it would be a good move to call or text or email whomever within a day or two. Make him or she feel valued.

Try to avoid arguments with an Aries as they can often act like a two-year-old. Many have said that you won’t win if you do try to argue with him/her. Silence is a good response for the Aries. It gives them time to get it all out of their system and then they return to their normal selves.


Leos are very creative in their ability to make money. They are hard workers and often have a charm about them that draws in business. This fire sign is very ambitious and committed to the task if it is one that he or she enjoys or one that makes him or her money. Leo likes to be the center of attention and would much rather give directions than to take instruction from others. Leos generally do not take criticism very well, so be tactful and constructive if you feel the need to do so. Leos often like guarantees and it takes a while for them to trust others, especially in business. Know that Leos often do their homework first or have an intuition about things and as such might be looking for some sort of reassurance that whatever you are trying to get them to enter into comes with a guarantee of sorts.

Leos are great storytellers, some of which are true, others of which may be stretching of facts of what really happened. They want to be noticed and appreciated for what they bring to the table. Leos can be very generous to a fault. Unfortunately, because they also tend to be taken advantage of as they invest their personal time in the wrong individuals regardless if the right people are in front of them.


The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Leo:

  • Positive Traits: Generous, trustworthy, dedicated to the task, hardworking, responsible, friendly, protective, supportive
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: blowhard, egotistical, feisty, insensitive, repetitive when trying to make a point for others to jump on Leo’s bandwagon, sometimes bully like


Even though Leo likes to be king or queen of the jungle, there is an insecure side to this sign. Most do not see it, as Leo is outgoing, wants to be recognized and puts his or her best foot forward especially in business.

As a fire sign, Leos for the most part like to get things done. Interestingly enough though, they have a tendency in their personal lives to start a project and not finish. When money is involved however, they are very hard workers and will get the job done often in record time. Do not ask for too much at once from a Leo. One task at a time followed by praise is a good approach to getting what you need to have done.

Leo can be a challenging sign to try to find balance with. Leos are very dominating and authoritative often thinking that their way of seeing things are the only way of viewing a situation. This can be quite challenging in part because of the ego and not always liking rules.

Leo would prefer not to dig up old wounds. A mere mention would be okay. Although Leo can appear rather aloof, this sign does have a warm and fuzzy side to him/her. It’s your challenge to reach that facet of their personality.

Leos are observant and often sting with their words. Be careful with the battles that you enter into with this sign. Be subtle with your responses to this sign. This is a sign where planting an idea inLeos’s head often turns out to be more fruitful than to say whatever was your idea.

Be aware of how you communicate. Don’t use slang. Be professional, sincere and focused regardless if you are talking to a Leo in person or in writing. Leo’s like to be genuinely praised and appreciated without appearing to butter them up.


This fire sign of the three is most well-known for its optimism, philosophical and truth seeking traits. They love to look at the bright side of things. Sagittarius can be blunt especially in their younger years, but often learn to temper their statements as they age. Commitment is sometimes tough for these folks regardless if it is personal or in business as they love their freedom. Travel, as well as the ability to do what they want and when they want is very appealing to this sun sign.

Sagittarius has many acquaintances, but tends to be very selective with whom he or she befriends. You won’t get too much information out of a Sagittarius as privacy is important to him/her.

Sagittarius is very generous and kind and intuitive. This sign is born under the planet Jupiter and tends to be very lucky with little to no effort.


The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Sagittarius:

  • Positive Traits: Truthful, loving, welcoming, optimistic, forgiving, philosophical, intuitive, creative, determined, generous, humorous and fun
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Blunt, not publically emotional, aloof at times,


Sagittarians cannot stand a person who beats around the bush or who lies to him/her. They have built in lie detectors.

Sagittarius also likes for you to get to the point. Beating around the bush drives them crazy. They don’t bite and you will find that they are probably the most compassionate of the three fire signs. This sign is a realist and enjoys life as a whole trying to see the upside of even the worst situations.

This fire sign is impatient more so in its younger years but often mellows with age. It’s often difficult for this sign to say, “no” as it has a soft heart. However, Sagittarius does not like to be used. Be careful how you ask the Sagittarius for a favor. Above all, be sincere with your communication.

Sagittarius likes those who can see the lighter side of life but also is a philosophizer. Be prepared for both short and long conversations with this sign depending on the topic area. If Sagittarius is in a hurry, his/her focus will not be on what you are speaking about. If you have touched the heart of a Sagittarius on a topic that is near and dear to him/her, you could be in for a long conversation. Sagittarius likes to travel, the great outdoors, animals and adventure. These are all topics to keep in mind when trying to establish a relationship albeit personal or business with this sun sign.

Sagittarius always has a lot to say and do. This sign is bold and confident on the outside. Sometimes fear of rejection shadows over this sign, but you would never know it. Sagittarius is independent and don’t need a lot of communication, but just enough to keep the door open and play catch up.

Be sincere, friendly, honest and make it worth the Sagittarius’ time. You will know this sign by its outgoing and fun personality. The energy exudes from this fire sign.


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