Let the Gemini Full Moon Guide You

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Astrology Horoscope Stars Zodiac Signs

Individual Goals Guided by the Planets

The month of December is  one of many things including joy for the holidays, remembering this year, and having hope for a great new year ahead.  However, this holiday season is extra special. November’s Sagittarius moon in Jupiter has set the stage for luck combined with the potential to follow your dreams. Further, Jupiter continues its path as it gets closer to entering Capricorn.


On December 12, 2019, the full moon is in Gemini. This is the final full moon of the decade. It is up to you to create positive vibes. With Jupiter in trine with Uranus, there is a sense of adventure and travel in the air.  Therefore, feel free, optimistic and create successful results. Jupiter governs higher learning so that you can grow and swiftly learn anything.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury which means that communication is involved, especially, teaching, understanding various viewpoints, listening and speaking. As such, Gemini is a sign of options, variety, fun and enjoying the now. Thus, be open minded and do not limit yourself to only what you know.


Close relationships such as siblings, roommates, neighbors are ruled by Gemini. Step outside the drama. Furthermore, don’t get involved with the systems that are controlling what’s around you.  In essence, avoid the distractions of technology and those areas that pull you away from who you are.


The goal is to go towards spirituality. Overall, the point to remember is to not be distracted. It’s a time of learning, creative self-expression and the impact of Gemini.  In essence, expression of emotions, such as love, and nurturing your goals will assist in your dreams being heightened and realized.


It’s an extremely rare scenario for Venus to keep company with Saturn and Pluto. Dedicate this time to self discovery. Above all else, determine what your purpose is and who you truly are. Use Gemini’s help to raise your vibration to where you need to be. The moon connects to the combination of Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn wants you to step up and let go of the past and be who you are.  As a result, situations are coming to a point where you can make the changes you need to do before the New Year.


As for Venus, any intimate connections you have are based on integrity, loyalty and trust. Meet your needs first and then that of others. Do not judge your feelings or how others are feeling.  Dedicate yourself to a plan of action. The Venus-Pluto combination allows for deeper conversations, especially with Gemini enhancing communicaton. Therefore, all of the planets are helping you to have an instrumental impact.


Venus is the ruler of the second house of abundance. Ask yourself  how are you enhancing the abundance in your life? Reality is clearly visible, if you face your own truths. It is a period to release whatever is going on or fix it. A time of adjustment is in order. Pluto is all about empowerment. Take your feelings seriously. Step up and take the lead with your emotional goals and the rest will fall into place.


Jupiter will be in Capricorn for the next year. There is a powerful urge to change and transform. With its presence comes opportunity for your career goals. Luck and logic are on your side. It is ideal for you to develop your questions about having your own business.

Capricorn will help to balance your needs versus wants while helping give you the answers that you seek to fulfill your ambitions. Jupiter places open doors in your path to advance your career goals.  Therefore, it is important to use your time wisely to transform yourself into the person you want to be recognized as being.


Venus is also active in the festivities, especially on December 20, 2019, when the planet of love debuts in Aquarius. If you have a significant other, communication plays a starring role. Remember, Gemini leads the way with communication helping you to develop a more open mind, so that there is a better understanding between you and your significant other.

Be understanding. Attract those who ‘get you’ and ‘get it.’ It is an opportune time to explore who you really are, even if others think your interests are on the funky or spiritual side of life.

If you are unattached, this may be a perfect time to meet that special someone under the mistletoe, however, do not send mixed signals to whomever you have your eye on. Instead, be aware that despite the fun side of Gemini, now is not the time to play games. Therefore, it is important to communicate clearly, as Mercury is helping to further your potential love interest.


Impulse buying may be tempt you, as Jupiter often inspires the spontaneity in us, especially during the holidays. However, this holiday season you may regret your spur of the moment purchases, especially when the bills show up in your mailbox.   As such, be moderate with what you eat, spend, or work, exercise and in general how you live.


Everyone is chattering about the stellium. What is a stellium exactly? A stellium is when three or sometimes four if you count the sun or moon planets are in a single sign or house. On January 12, 2020,  Capricorn will be in the spotlight.  Additional  planets of focus are Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun.  Saturn and Pluto often bring a heaviness with them, but it doesn’t mean it is all bad. Consequently, these planets push us to persevere and be courageous.

Our choices are to face up to that which is causing us grief, as well as realize that sometimes we must acknowledge that there is nothing we can do about certain situations.  Take the steps you need to bring long term stability to your life. With this in mind, great change and strides towards your goals will take place in 2020.


The sky is the limit in the upcoming year. As a sneak preview, you will be full of inspiration, as 2020 will bring an all time positive energy bubbling with confidence. Bypass any darkness that presents itself; surround yourself with optimism  while letting go of the things you cannot change.

You must take advantage of “now” and manifest your future in order to seize opportunities as they come along.  Within you lays the chance for adventure so that you can latch your dreams to a shiny star.  For further information on what 2020 holds uniquely for you, contact aileen@yourchartedterritory.com.