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Earth Signs Must Use Logic and be Practical PART 2 of a 4 Part Series on Understanding the Way the Signs Communicate


Earth Signs Must Use Logic: Our ability to get along with others sometimes cannot be verbalized. Our feelings often dictate whether or not we should communicate. However, when we do want to talk with others, we sometimes get stumped on how to do so. Our experiences along with our personality and how we react to others all have roles in molding us.  Our reactions to others, as well as revealing our true selves are also significant. Anticipating how others may respond to us and what is needed to get along can be difficult at times.

People’s sun sign tells some of a person’s traits but it doesn’t reveal all of them. Further, it doesn’t reveal how a person expresses him/herself. Most people don’t know the reason why they communicate as they do or why others react as they do.  Most people would not ask someone they have just met or someone that they work with the finer details of their birth chart to make these discoveries.

So, how might you go about knowing how to communicate with someone if you do not know any of their astrological qualities such as sun sign, rising sign and moon sign?

Each zodiac sign has traits that provide clues about a person’s behavior. After a while, you will begin to recognize what might be in a person’s chart and then be able to use that information to communicate better with whomever you encounter.

There are three earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. All have similar qualities; however, the way each communicates impacts their reactions, ability to focus and move forward regardless of the type of relationship. The following will explore communication traits only as they relate to a person’s sun sign which explores those personality traits that are present at birth.


Capricorns tend to have a good memory bank and can readily draw upon those obscure details that many would never even know existed. They are generally quiet and dependable. Hard working is also a term that can be associated with Capricorns.

Capricorns have a sense of humor that either only they understand, or they can be sarcastic in nature.  Those born under the sign of the Ram tend to be respected by his/her colleagues and are often approached for advice in the work arena. The Ram may have close childhood friends, but in an office environment, there is a tendency to usually gravitate towards one individual.

Although appearing to be calm and composed, Capricorn can have a temper tantrum now and then especially when it comes to others being critical of how they perform at work.  Capricorns also tend to be very practical, well-read and stubborn at times.  Pushing the Ram before he/she is ready to make a decision is probably not the wisest thing to do, as he/she will either dig his/her heels in and not respond, or be short with his/her response to you.

Recognizing Capricorn’s Traits –The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Capricorn:

  • Positive Traits: Intelligent, Let Me Think About It…Earth Signs Must Use Logic and Be Practical
    analytical, competitive, focused, patient to a point, selfless, hardworking, sensible
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Sometimes snobby,unenthusiastic,lacks insight, stubborn


Capricorns are very intelligent. Often it will seem as though they have a photographic memory. Things don’t always get done when asked.   In fact, there may be times where you will need to ask the same questions over in order to get a response.

Capricorns can either be a great listener or dismissive. Do not expect quick answers to questions that require thought. Know this however, that when a Capricorn finally does respond, he/she does so knowing that the bases have been covered. As such, the response will be on point and made with assurance.

Capricorn can appear boring at times, but the reality is that they often aren’t the best communicators on a personal level. However, in their chosen profession, they can do quite well.

Capricorns have a dry and rather sarcastic sense of humor. They are witty to those who understand their jokes.

Be aware that trying to get a Capricorn to communicate on a regular basis could be frustrating and difficult. They are often in their own little world. On a personal level, the ram finds commitment to schedules difficult at times. However, on a business front, if he/she says he/she will be somewhere, they indeed do show up.


Most immediately think of the bull as being very stubborn. They often are strong willed, well informed and have a tendency to be critical or judgmental.

Taurus can be frugal and is often viewed as being practical. Taurus is a hard worker that is dedicated to the task. If times get tough, many Taurus’seem to have a motto that adversity is a challenge to succeed. The conscientious bull is hardworking and responsible, but can also be demanding as well as insistent that he/she is right about whatever the topic may be.

The bull can be snarky at times which can often rub people the wrong way. Sometimes those born under this sign need to be brought back to reality. Much of the sarcasm comes from insecurity as well as anxiety and often as a result of failed relationships.

Taurus likes a clean area to work and is inspired to clean up other people’s messes. However, if it is his/her mess, a Taurus can put up with it without much of a fuss

Recognizing Taurus’ Traits – The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Taurus:

  • Positive Traits: Good with money, dependable, well respected, generous, helpful, self-assured, work oriented, giving and stable
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Insensitive, dominating, undemonstrative, sarcastic, blunt, difficult at times, stubborn


Taurus is a sign that knows what it wants. As such, do not try to derail the communication, as it won’t set well. Be sure to keep focused on the conversation at hand or the Taurus temper may flare.

If you are trying to convince a Taurus to purchase your products or use your service, your oral and physical presentation needs to be flawless. Taurus is very visual in terms of his/her expression. Be prepared to be scrutinized.

Many times Taurus does not listen thinking that he/she knows more about a topic area than whoever is speaking. Be respectful as well as keep your tone of your voice polite.

Taurus doesn’t pick up on clues very well. As such, you have to spell some things out for them. Even then, sometimes communication flies right over the Taurus head .The bull tends to be longwinded. If you are strategic and tactful, you will be able to get a few carefully planned remarks into the conversation.

Do not try to outwit a Taurus as they are very good at detecting such motives. Don’t attempt to rush them. Sometimes they truly enjoy procrastinating with making decisions even though what you may be suggesting is in their best interest. Taurus is a creature of habit. Keep this in mind if you have new ideas you want to spring on him/her.


 Virgos are the most intuitive of the earth signs. They can tell if someone is not telling them the truth and they will call whomever out on their lies. It’s as though they have a built in lie detector.

Virgos are list makers, t crossers and i dotters. They can have a perfectionistic side to them especially when it comes to projects that they are working on. Like Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo can be judgmental, except this zodiac sign claims it is to help you, not to criticize you.

Virgo is very observant and creates a mental file of whomever’s likes and dislikes. In this regard, they are very thoughtful, especially when it comes to gift giving. They choose the perfect gift or provide a tailored suggestion for trips, outings, etc for ones that they care about.

Virgos can be bitter sweet. On the one hand, they can be very critical as they more often than not think that they are always right. Yet on the other hand, they can be very sweet and endearing.

Virgos often take the lead with projects and are great at organizing things. They are professional as well as trustworthy. Virgos do best when told exactly what needs to be done versus leaving a task out of the equation.

Recognizing Virgo’s Traits –The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Virgo:

  • Positive Traits: Intuitive, responsible, helpful, thoughtful, trustworthy, faithful, composed, structured, attractive, assertive
  • Eyebrow Raising traits: Secretive, closed, compulsive, sometimes bossy, judgmental, unforgiving, vindictive, unexpected temper tantrums


Virgos like to be helpful to others. However, if you do not understand the clear path that a Virgo is showing you, he/she can be rather impatient and get frustrated with you. He/She tends to be logical and common sense oriented.

Virgos tend to be purposeful in what they pursue. Trust is huge with this zodiac sign. If you betray it, the repercussions can be very cold. Virgos do not forgive or forget very often.

Virgos often think they are correct when in a dispute with someone. It is very difficult to change a Virgo’s mind. They are logical with their arguments and yet illogical when it comes to looking at a well-rounded perspective.

In order to communicate with a Virgo, you must be credible, logical and consistent with what you are telling him/her.  Provide the good and the bad of a situation/service or product. Sugar coating anything you’re trying to pitch to a Virgo is not the way to gain a positive response.

Be focused with your efforts and communications, positive and remain dedicated and objective with the Virgos. Note that Virgo tends to be needy.

Virgo can escalate a conversation from one of pleasantries to one of fire. Ruled by the planet mercury, Virgo is a mutable sign and is determined to have justice. Take note of the Virgo’s helpful nature and always keep your promise.


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