Go With The Flow…..

Just Don’t Try to Get Inside a Water Sign’s Head PART 3 of a 4 Part Series on Understanding the Way the Signs Communicate


Understanding the ways signs communicate often begins with the realization that some people don’t share all that is going on inside of their heads.  Sometimes it’s intuition that helps us determine whether or not communication is in order.   Attempting to understand water signs can be a challenge, as they often spend a great deal of time within their heads. Their highly observant nature often creates their reaction to others. They aren’t always quick to reveal their true selves.    Anticipating how they may respond isn’t always easy; however, being yourself and not being too talkative gives them an opportunity to get to know you before they open up.

An individual’s sun sign reveals a person’s personality traits but it doesn’t reveal all of them. It doesn’t give a clue however how a person expresses him/herself. Most people don’t know the reason why they communicate as they do or why others react as they do.  Most people would not think to ask someone they have just met or someone that they work with what their birth chart reveals about their communication style.

So, how might you go about knowing how to communicate with someone if you do not know any of their zodiac qualities such as sun sign, rising sign and moon sign?

Each zodiac sign has traits that provide tips about a person’s behavior. After a while, you will begin to recognize what might be in a person’s chart and then be able to use that information to relate better with whomever you encounter.

There are three water signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio All have similar qualities; however, the way each communicates impacts their reactions, as well as their ability to remain interested and move forward regardless of the type of relationship. The following will look at communication techniques only as they relate to a person’s sun sign which explores those personality traits that are present at birth.


Pisces tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve. They are sensitive not only with their own feelings but sensitive to the needs of others. Although this zodiac sign has very sensual traits, those born as a Pisces know that life is more than intimacy. The Pisces individual is very in tune with others and is also very protective of those who mean the most to them.

Pisces is a hard working individual capable of great success. Pisces are attracted to those who are team players. This sign has known its share of heartache and rejection and yet perseverance remains strong for this water sign. Although this sign may appear to be wishy washy, nothing could be further from the truth. Pisces weighs all angles of things and thus will often go back and forth when attempting to make a fair decision.

Pisces can be flexible but do not do well with being pressured. They do best when they are ready to take on whatever task has been given to them. The sign of the dual fish does not reveal a lot about him/herself and as such, it is important to be observant around him/her. On the one hand, Pisces may not be totally committed to business contracts he/she enters into. On the other hand, this sign will stand up for his/her business and partners if the need arises. Another interesting facet about Pisces is that they don’t like drama and yet they are interested in some aspects of it.

Recognizing Pisces Traits – The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Capricorn:

  • Positive Traits: Good natured, sensitive, generous, protective, sincere, giving, appreciative and helpful
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Possessive, self-absorbed, over emotional, manipulative, vague, insecure

How to communicate with a Pisces – Pisces are some of the most understanding people on the planet. Despite giving the impression of being indecisive, this zodiac sign is great at business and making money. Their flexibility when things don’t go as planned is what often gives them the competitive advantage. They often are successful and want those who work with them to also be successful.

Being relaxed often bodes well for a Pisces with whom you may decide to do business with, as does showing you are a team player. This is not to say they are a pushover. Pisces like quality albeit where they live, visit or in a work environment. Putting in hard work and effort will gain you appreciation as well as approval if you work with a Pisces.

Pisces has an intuitive nature and often are quite humble. They are often very sensitive and as such, blunt or thoughtless statements won’t go over well with them. They are however able to handle constructive criticism.

Empathy should be Pisces middle name. Try not to take advantage of the soft side of Pisces. Be logical and thoughtful in your communication with this fish sign of the zodiac. They often play their cards close to their vests. They are good at being vague and don’t like probing questions. However, if you are both on the same team, they can be your best friend. Never try to pull the wool over their eyes or you may find it on your eyes.

Pisces are lovely people, generous and often investigative in their quiet observing way. Keep in mind that despite their honest and forgiving ways, they are still only human and can be quite vague leaving you with an uneasy and uncertain feeling at times. Try to balance their moodiness and sometimes demanding nature with their nurturing and responsible part of their personality and you will have a good relationship albeit friend or otherwise.


The crab is often dubbed as the most sensitive of the three water signs. They are often in their own little world with many acquaintances but few close friends. Cancer is also a water sign that is often difficult to read. This sign spends a lot of time inside its head or little crab shell thinking about things that they should let go, such as the past.

Cancers are very creative and often have a great sense of decorating. They have a good sense of artistic ideas. The moon as this sign’s ruling planet and often creates a moodiness in the Cancerian. They get their feelings hurt easily with things that most people would not even think twice about. The crab can be quite gnarly to deal with if provoked or if he/she feels threatened in either his/her personal or work environment.

Cancers are dedicated to the task when it comes to business and are often quite exacting in their chosen careers. Although they can be sympathetic, and like to know what’s going on around them, they can sometimes become withdrawn. Cancers often commiserate with those who try to understand the crab’s feelings. On the other side of the coin, Cancers do not like to be criticized and yet ironically, they themselves can be critical of others.

Recognizing Cancer’s Traits – The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Cancer:

  • Positive Traits: Sensitive, caring, creative, giving, family oriented, supportive, dedicated, nurturing, empathetic, generous
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Smothering, Possessive, self-absorbed, controlling, needy,  nosy, insecure at times, antisocial

How to communicate with a Cancer – The crab likes things a certain way and truly is an imaginative soul. It’s really important to know how to read a Cancerian’s feelings so that communication is easier with him/her. Logic is not always present with this sign which can be tough when it comes to negotiations or regular communication.

Cancers can be unrealistic at times and often be nonsensical when it comes to their personal or business decisions. Their objectivity can be lacking. As such, when doing business with the crab, be moderate with your conversation sticking mainly to the facts.

Cancerians do not like to be questioned about their spending habits. Furthermore, the crab likes to get his or her way and often can become dependent upon others for his/her needs.

The crab can be intuitive and somewhat manipulative. The crab will respect those whose responses are to the point.

Those with a Cancer sun sign are often insecure and often doubt their capabilities. Many times they will keep their personal situations inside. Nonetheless, they can always be counted on and are try to be sympathetic as well as understanding with others. They worry a lot about things and people they care about.


Scorpio is one of the most difficult signs to understand. In fact, they often do not understand themselves. Charming, polite, volatile, sensual, vengeful, and intelligent sums up just a few of the emotions present within the loner scorpion.

Scorpio has a charm and dry wit about them that many find alluring and attractive. Despite the sweet and kind projection the Scorpio shows, he/she tends to mull over situations that have not turned out as they would have liked. They tend to live inside their heads far more than the other two water signs  imagining how situations could have turned out if they played out differently.

The scorpion is often lonely and subject to depression. Scorpio often invests his/her time in people who do not always reciprocate their feelings. Scorpio is kind and generous and highly observant. Many would call the scorpion judgmental as well as vengeful if wronged.

The Scorpian prides him/herself on the work that he/she does. However, watching others do the same job as the Scorpian without mimicking his/her picky ways bothers this zodiac sign. Scorpios can get frustrated with others who aren’t as perfectionistic or as hard working as he/she is, regardless if it is in their work or  personal lives.

Recognizing Scorpio’s Traits – The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of a Scorpian:

  • Positive Traits: Observant, quiet, contemplative, caring, family oriented, perfectionistic, good with money, passionate, creative and intuitive
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Thinks too much, critical, subject to depression, opinionated   insecure at times, antisocial, volatile, secretive and manipulative

How to communicate with a Scorpio –Scorpios are often guarded with their personal information and selective with whom they befriend.  They have a fun sense of humor. Conversely the Scorpian is often a loner and not in need with a lot of human contact. Perhaps this is because they often live in their own heads mulling situations to a pulp.

The Scorpian can be charming and have a shroud of mystery surrounding him/her. However, they do not like to feel cornered or smothered. They like to control the particulars of meetings, etc.

Scorpios can have a temper if pushed too far. Further, they like for things to be done their way. Be careful how you phrase things to them, as they often take things to heart and can be unforgiving. If for some reason you say something that rubs him/her the wrong way, be prepared to apologize with exactness saying specifically what you are sorry for doing. Scorpio often does not think he/she is wrong and yet ironically often blames him/herself when things go wonky with others.

Scorpio often wants to be the best and encourages (or pushes depending on how you look at it) others to do their best as well. They often expect others to promptly (if not sooner) do as asked when they request tasks or favors to be done.

There’s almost an underlying anxiousness with the Scorpian. Scorpio is helpful, energetic and a hard worker. Although he/she can work with others, he or she works best alone and is good at delegating work to others.

Never corner a Scorpio, as this sign works at his/her own pace and likes be the dominant one. You will never fully understand this sign as he/she doesn’t fully understand him/herself and often thinks they feel one way but says another. They either use their charm or their sternness to get what they need, or want especially in a business setting, but may also do the same personally.

Be grateful, supportive, and helpful and share in the Scorpio’s motivation and do your best to try to understand their ever changing moods. Go with the flow and think before you speak, as despite the sting of this sign, they really are fragile and insecure.

Coming Soon – How to Communicate with the Air Signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. If you would like further information on how to communicate and get along with other signs, or other personal or business astrological services, please contact me at aileen@yourchartedterritory.com