Clearing the Way for New Energy

October is filled with great change for everyone. Both Libra and Scorpio share this month in part. Libra is about balance and surrounding oneself with love, harmony and avoiding conflict.  Scorpio is an observant water sign that is high in intuition, and one of self-reflection and deep thought. Scorpios tend to revisit situations and circumstances repeatedly in their minds until they can come to terms with whatever needs resolving.  The combination of Libra’s planetary influence of Venus (the planet of love), Scorpio’s ruling planet of Pluto (the planet that involves life’s struggles) set the stage for clearing the energy in each of our lives.

Many have felt a shift in the air and are soon discovering that change is taking place in various facets of their lives. Some change is self-induced while other changes are being brought about by circumstances or others. Although we as humans often prefer consistency and are creatures of habit, energy in the universe does not always work this way.


Since the Libra moon on September 28, 2019, a lot of change is taking place. There’s not only a balancing of energies, but a lot of revelations within each of us. Not only is Scorpio in Capricorn (which governs our house of careers) keeping us focused, but we are about to have those aha moments when it comes to inner revelations, especially on October 3, 2019.   It will be a time when Pluto stations direct at 20 degrees Capricorn.   The two forces of Saturn and Pluto present a shift within us and around us.  There’s a build up of energy that no longer serves us. We need to make room for what will better benefit our personal and professional needs.

By the end of October, a variance in our energy will truly begin to be felt.  It’s a time of insight, a time of knowledge, a time where we are to stand up for ourselves and say, “no” to the things that just don’t work for us anymore. It’s a time of renewal and finding our inner truth of which Pluto will help us in doing just that. This is where intuition can be your guide. Taking on a leadership role for yourself based on your observations and past experiences will guide you best, as you move forward in your personal and business life.


The old energy will be replaced quickly by new energy. You’ll feel inclined to clean up your life. Refusing to take on too much is another important facet of this month. Many bite off more than they can chew. The overload isn’t working for many individuals anymore.  It’s a time to let go of this habit and not buy into what other people expect from you.  What makes each of us overachieve? Look at where you overstimulate yourself. It’s time to adjust and take stock.

Since Pluto rules Scorpio, it’s important to realize what Scorpio governs. It governs the eighth house which involves hidden secrets, sexuality, unconscious desires, life/death rebirth, monies perhaps owed to you.  However, there are new wants and goals that are presenting themselves. Many times, people do not want to discuss their hidden goals or desires because there is a dark side involved with the planet Pluto. However, with Scorpio and Pluto together, intuition is high, and you will no longer be reserved about discussing things that no longer work for you. You will also be more open about the things that you feel will better enhance your life.


For those in relationships, albeit it personal or professional, there may have been someone or something that created an important event to happen whereby you begin to reassess a situation you thought was fine. Your gut feelings and intuition begin to provide you with signals. It is with this catalyst that you discover something about yourself, as well as others. You may begin to realize that it is with this newfound knowledge that you can let go of the co-dependent situation and shift your energy to a purpose that better suits your needs.

Use this time to recognize and know who you are and trust in what you feel. For example, you may discover through your own research and intuition that you are an option and not the only one in someone’s life versus being placed as a priority. On a professional front, you may discover that you’re being treated differently and not in a good way despite being a long-standing relationship with a business client. It is through the information about someone or something that you will feel a newfound freedom to change your views on the past, so that you can move forward into a more realistic and fulfilling future.

It’s about clarity, regrouping and analyzing relationships. It’s a time of self-discovery not only about others, but especially about yourself. It’s also a time of self-acceptance of your worth and trusting in your inner deep trust of your value.


Because of Scorpio’s role in dealing with inner struggles, the revelation that will be brought to the forefront will be one of a newly discovered compassion within ourselves. People or issues we may not have had much heart for in the past will now grab our attention.  Sometimes we must come full circle to realize facets of others we were blind to in the past. It is a time of unforeseen connections as well as fresh connections with others.  Be aware that the energy you vibrate at is the energy you will attract. It is a time of realizing your own maturity by demonstrating independence, integrity, vulnerability and trust.

October is the month to release all useless energy and to make room for energy that does work for us. It’s time to relinquish the things and places that hold you back. The release of negative energy may happen in some surprising fashion, or by us admitting what our true needs are. Be alert and aware of the changes taking place around you.  Set your priorities, accept new energy and listen with a compassionate heart. This month is a time for healing, for building, balancing, self-love and compassion. It’s a time of exercising your insight while being a peacemaker for yourself and others.


If you are a Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Sagittarius, your intuition this month will be particularly heightened. Even if you aren’t one of these sun signs, if you have any of these in your chart, you will have intuitiveness that will help guide you. For further guidance on your chart and the impact the planets are having on your personal and business life and relationships, contact