Are You One Way and Then A Different Way?

Aries-Taurus cusp (April 19 to April 20)
What does it mean to be a cusp baby? It means you are teetering between two different sun signs. “So, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that your personality can project either sun sign at any given time, or you may be one sun sign more than the other. It can be confusing to others, but especially mind bending to yourself when trying to figure out why you act as you do. The following dates indicate whether you are indeed a cusp baby:

Taurus-Gemini (May 20 to May 21)
Gemini-Cancer (June 20 to June 21)
Cancer-Leo (July 22 to July 23) …
Leo-Virgo (August 22 to August 23)
Virgo-Libra (September 22 to September 23)
Libra-Scorpio (October 22 to October 23).
Scorpio-Sagittarius (November 21 to November 22)
Sagittarius-Capricorn (December 21 to December 22)
Capricorn – Aquarius (January 19 to January 20)
Aquarius – Pisces (February 18 to February 19)
Pisces- Aries (March 21 to March 22)

Knowing the traits of each sign is helpful to those who rock both sun sign traits. Many astrologers give a leeway of a day or two on either side of where a sign begins. The following illustrates the battles in the areas of love and business that the cusp baby often faces. If you are aware of the personality characteristics of each, it can be helpful in knowing why you are reacting as you do and what you need to get in check in both business as well as love. On a positive note, being a cusp baby always keeps you and those you interact with on their toes, as whomever isn’t sure exactly what you will do next.

(April 19-20)

The person who is on the cusp of Aries and Taurus has quite the challenge to face. Aries is a fire sign and can be quite impulsive, spontaneous, and with many irons in the fire. Conversely Taurus is an earth sign which is known for being logical, frugal, and must truly think about the decisions he/she is going to make. The Aries person who decides to throw caution to the wind and take a cruise for example may end up regretting it after the tickets are purchased, as guilt may set in from the Taurus frugal side of him/her. It’s often an internal struggle.

How am I going to do business? Aries is very business minded and often does not like to be told what to do or how to do it. Luckily Taurus has some of that same type of attitude. One difference however is that Aries often has a very swift mind and can switch thoughts rapidly. One must reel the Aries in and try to get him/her to focus on whatever it is that needs attention. Taurus on the other hand is great with details and mapping things out. Further, Aries impulsive behavior sometimes goes well for him/her as those born under this sign. They are used to shooting from the hip, however, there are other times when perhaps further thought should have gone into the decision process. The commonality between the two signs is the business mind. Taurus tries to look at situations from all angles and may take a while to make up his/her mind. This is not a sign that can be pushed, as the bull will dig its heels in and does not decide or do something unless all avenues have been explored.

Will love pass me by? Aries can be passionate and romantic and yet sometimes noncommittal as there are times that Aries has a restless sort of soul. As a fire sign, Aries is spontaneous, fun loving and very caring. It takes a special someone however to get Aries to settle down. Taurus on the other hand is loving in his/her own way. True to Taurus’ personality, it takes Taurus a while to evaluate a situation. Once Taurus is smitten with someone, the loyalty is rock solid. However, if trust is broken, run for the hills as Taurus, like Aries can have a temper not to be reckoned with. The challenge for this cusp baby is the tug and pull of being romantic and impromptu with Aries loving gestures and yet sprinkled with a dose of Taurus’ uncertain assessment of not only how to act and love but analyzing if the person is sincere or not. Both signs are passionate, however, Aries seizes the opportunity while Taurus assesses if the opportunity is one to be seized.

Taurus- Gemini
(May 20-21)

How am I going to do business? Taurus is very intelligent with his/her chosen field. They often watch their pennies and make sure that whatever they spent is spent well. They are also very hard workers and inventive if need be for making a living. No job is particularly beneath them. Further, many individuals born under this sign remain in their chosen professions for several years. Many also recognize Taurus’ intelligence and come to the Taurus for advice.

Like Taurus, Gemini is intelligent and knows a lot of facts, works well independently and yet social enough with others with whatever their professions dictate. Despite their expressiveness and gift for gab, the Gemini often tires of tasks that are given to him/her. Geminis react quickly in urgent situations. This could be in part because Gemini is a mutable sign. Geminis however do not take kindly to being ordered around. A Taurus on the other hand doesn’t particularly like orders but plays along for the sake of employment. Further, the Gemini isn’t always big on details and in his/her mind are better left to other people even though the Gemini can sort out the basics of whatever task has been doled to him or her.

Will love pass me by? Taurus can be kindhearted, jealous and insecure. Nonetheless, he/she is a good provider and it is with these qualities that often make the bull appealing. Gemini is more apt to be quick witted, understands sarcastic humor and be spontaneous. Gemini also has a very kind heart and knows how to show empathy towards others. Gemini gets attached to others and sometimes does not know boundaries. The twins do not know the meaning of the word “no.” Further, despite their fun-loving personality, Gemini can change modes from happy to sullen with the snap of your fingers. This is often viewed as being manipulative which makes it difficult for Gemini to get along with especially earth and water signs. So, on the one hand, Taurus is not as confident with dating per se and yet the Gemini side is very talkative and vivacious putting others at ease. Taurus is not great at expressing emotions and many often wonder if he/she cares or not, whereas Gemini has no problem expressing his/her feelings. Hence, another internal struggle occurs for the cusp baby who is part bull, part twins.

(June 20 to June 21)

How am I going to do business? Gemini can be one of the most flexible and intelligent and likeable individuals to have on your team. However, Geminis sometimes have a restlessness about them causing them to go from one task to the next without a consistent focus on consistency. Their spontaneity keeps things lively. If things don’t go as planned, Gemini can be disappointed, however they don’t have time for grudges. The Cancerian however often feels mortally wounded by mishaps or what they perceive as snarky behavior in the office, and they do not forget. They don’t necessarily seek revenge, but when wounded or what they perceive as wrongfully criticized, they tend to become cold as ice or communicate only as much as needed in the work environment with the offensive individual(s). Cancer wears his/her heart on his/her sleeve. Those born under the sun sign of Cancer have a creative flare and resourcefulness about them that can assist him/her when faced with a challenge. The commonalities between these two signs are that both are attentive to tasks, however Gemini sometimes has trouble with continual focus on things assigned to him/her and Cancer always has so many things to think about that he/she goes into a dreamy state that can pre-occupy his/her mind. A key conflict with this dual personality of Gemini/Cancer is that Geminis often hide how they feel about situations and yet if the need arises, Gemini can have a cutting tongue. Cancer is more apt to display his/her feelings through body language or discussing with those he/she feels will listen to him/her.

Will love pass me by? When it comes to matters of the heart, both Gemini and Cancer are somewhat insecure. As an air sign, Gemini doesn’t necessary need someone in his/her life. Geminis can sometimes get bored and wander as the childlike side of him/her likes fun and stimulation. However, when they find an attraction, they choose the one that fits the bill. Cancer on the other hand can act like an air sign, testing the waters with many until the right one checks his/her boxes for the ideal mate. Gemini has a big heart, however at times doesn’t know quite how to channel his/her affections. It’s as though this sign needs a little guidance on how to recognize the needs of others and how to show their love. This sign requires patience because of his/her dual personality unto itself of being both childlike and serious. Cancer’s heart is very big and loving so much so that this water baby can be overly generous when he/she falls in love. Some may even go so far as to classify it as smothering unless it is recognized that this kind trait is just how the crab can be when in love.

(July 22 to July 23)

How am I going to do business? The Cancerian’s creativity and resourcefulness often is a good match for business if they put their thoughts into action. Sometimes Cancer gets caught up in the dream and is delayed in propelling ideas into fruition. However, when the focus is in place, the Cancerian’s work is amazing. Leo too has creativity and can improvise well in a work setting. Leo can be a perfectionist and speak without a filter without much prompting. They truly believe that what they say is to help others, however, it doesn’t always come across that way. A Cancer might not get from zero to ten in terms of explosiveness in a conversation like a Leo does, however, Cancer can have a biting side to him/her if he/she feels wronged or provoked. Both signs do beautiful work when inspired, however, Cancer at times can have hesitation in beginning projects as a result of some insecurity. Nonetheless, Leo has a lot of confidence and for this blended combination of signs, the lion side can help prompt the sometimes-unsure side of Cancer.

Will love pass me by? Cancer is very family oriented and loves his/her home. This water sign often dreams of the perfect love having a set of standards that to him/her are the ultimate. Ironically however, Cancer can take a while to find his/her true love and often has many suitors, but there is always something that doesn’t fit within Cancer’s ideal love. Regardless, when Cancer finds his/her true love, he/she can be a little wary wondering how this individual came into his/her life. Once Cancer trusts, he/she is loving, giving and very appreciative of his/her partner. Leo often wants love from the people who may never give him/her the love he/she seeks. Leo like Cancer tends to wander in search of a mate that is compatible. Leo can brood in a corner crying over either the one that got away or questioning why he/she is not loved. Leo’s generous and caring heart are unbeatable qualities that eventually get appreciated by Leo’s mate. Leo needs someone who doesn’t try to cage him/her and someone who can tolerate the impulsiveness he/she can have with life. The conflict between Cancer and Leo in part surrounds Cancer wanting to enjoy his/her home and Leo liking the wide-open spaces that travel and mobility provides. Also, Leo wants to be center stage in life and sometimes forgets that others need pampering too, whereas Cancer likes to pamper.

(August 22 to August 23)

How am I going to do business? Leo is very resourceful and good at what they are passionate about. Further, Leo is a hard worker who doesn’t mind getting in the trenches to earn extra income. Leo can spot incoming earning potential with the best of them. Sometimes however Leo often has a lot of irons in the fire which can result in unfinished tasks. Also, Leo’s intentions are good, however, the recipient of Leo’s advice can be offended by the lion’s blunt communication. Virgo can also be blunt with how they attempt to communicate with others. They mean no harm, but the recipient of the subjective advice can be offended. Virgo is very detail oriented and pays attention to aspects others may not. As such, they put much thought into projects and can spend an inordinate amount of time completing them. Virgo thinks things through almost at times to what many views as procrastination. The conflict between these two signs can often be that Leo is swift to jump on many projects, whereas Virgo takes a reflective stance in taking on one project at a time. This can cause chaos with the individual who exhibits both signs’ traits.

Will love pass me by? Leo sometimes is not as discriminatory with whom he/she falls in love with thereby seeking the love and validation from those who might not be the best match for him/her. Sometimes the lion/lioness doesn’t recognize or appreciate the love that is before his/her eyes. Leo has one of the biggest hearts and often will go without for those he/she loves. Virgo like Leo is very kindhearted, and others will tell Virgo what he/she wants to hear only to break Virgo’s heart. Virgo has his/her share of heartache which can build up distrust. Unlike the king or queen of the jungle, Virgo eventually comes to see who loved him/her all along and often can be someone who befriended Virgo long before compatibility was recognized. The confusing part of love for this cusp baby is wanting what one cannot have as Leo sometimes does and recognizing who does indeed love him/her as Virgo eventually realizes who genuinely loves him/her.

(September 22 to September 23)

How am I going to do business? Virgo can be very exacting and sometimes has a difficult time with constructive criticism from others and yet can be rather hard on another person’s work. Virgo seems to know what he/she wants to accomplish within the workplace but can miss the big picture by focusing on the smallest of details. Virgos can also be obsessive compulsive when dedicated to the task which at times can take up too much time and may result in missed deadlines. Libra conversely is more diplomatic and patient in the workplace. Further, Libra is so charming that he/she can often get others to do tasks that Libra either finds unappealing or that Libra flat out does not want to do. Because Libra likes balance, he/she does not go overboard in terms of being too picky or careless with his/her work. Libra does not like stress and unlike Virgo can be swayed by others in the workplace on how to do certain things. The conflict between these two signs is two-fold: Both are stubborn; however, Virgo feels he/she is helping someone when critiquing whoever’s knowledge on a work-related matter when many times their communication comes across rather tersely. Libra would rather avoid conflict altogether and tries to be careful what he/she says and how he/she says it. Libras are great leaders and truly are good at sales, customer service or positions requiring patience. Libras can be very outspoken like Virgo. If something does not seem right, Libra will call whomever on any shenanigans he/she is trying to pull. Some may interpret Libra’s communications as being manipulative.

Will love to pass me by? Virgo has a somewhat hidden side to him/her and can be quite adventurous when it comes to love. However, Virgo wears his/her heart on his/her sleeve and often takes chances too soon. This sign craves the stability and familial feeling a relationship can give to him/her. Virgo’s heart is often trampled on several times until the right one comes along. Their ability to spot a liar is uncanny. Virgo has a mental file cabinet making note of all the things his/her partner might enjoy as well as whatever someone has said or done. The Virgo heart is very tender and because of the cracks it has suffered often has a hard time trusting others and therefore can be cautious when entering a relationship right after getting hurt. Libra is ruled by Venus. He/she is friendly, social, and attractive. However, he/she can also be fickle as well as overly sensitive with matters of the heart. Libra is often in love with the idea of being in love much like someone fantasizing over the potential fairy tale he/she would like to exist. Unlike Virgo, if Libra’s heart is broken, it doesn’t take long for Libra to find another person to love. The struggle between these two signs often lies in non-trust and reflecting on having been hurt and being able to move forward with new relationship possibilities, as time is wasting.

(October 22 to October 23)

How am I going to do business? Libras are kind and very business minded and can often have good rapport in the workplace. They have a love of learning and can be a great colleague to others. However, Libra can become irritated if what they perceive as unfair in the workplace does not come into balance. An example may be being passed over for a raise that Libra has worked hard to earn. Scorpios conversely are often very judgmental of others and feel that their way is the best way of doing things. Since they mull things over to the point of exhaustion, they often believe that whatever solution they’ve come up with has got to be the right one. They aren’t necessarily interested in what others have to say once their mind is made up. Unlike Libra, Scorpio doesn’t take advice or want to learn from others, especially his/her superiors in the workplace. Scorpio is rather dark and secretive which conflicts with Libra who often likes to clear the air and who puts his/her thoughts out front, so others know what Libra is thinking. The conflict in business is Libra wanting to be part of a team whereas Scorpio would rather work independently. Further, Libra doesn’t want conflict and Scorpio if wronged will indeed hold a grudge and find a way to pay the wrongdoer back. Scorpio never forgets whereas Libra would just as soon bring everything back into check as soon as possible.

Will love to pass me by? Libra is so personable that many find him/her to be appealing and attractive. Libra likes the sweet things a relationship has to offer him/her. Scorpio is also attractive but rather quiet and not always as open as Libra. Scorpios tend to be inflexible and stubborn whereas Libra is willing to try new things especially if it is to avoid conflict. Scorpios like loyalty and want their partner to show some signs of attachment and jealousy which ironically traits of how a Scorpio can be. When Scorpio is in love, he/she will tend to his/her partner’s every need. Scorpio may get burned in love and it is often difficult for him/her to regroup as a result of this. Depression can be a chief result of this type of event. Comparatively, Libra has a better grasp of accepting the not so great events that can happen in a love life and is innately prepared to move on if someone is not being faithful or is throwing Libra’s balance off kilter. Scorpio has a more difficult time moving on than Libra and lives a lot in the past and in his/her head. Libra is more vocal when it comes to resolving issues surrounding matters of the heart.

(November 21 to November 22

How am I going to do business? Scorpio is shrewd and somewhat of a perfectionist. This water sign has a difficult time letting others do Scorpio’s job as he/she feels no one can do it as good as him/her. No matter what the occupation, Scorpio is a craftsperson doing the job well. Scorpios tend to be frugal although some may perceive them as being cheap. Scorpio is good at saving money and will save to pay cash for nice things for himself or one that he/she trusts implicitly. As a boss, Scorpio can make those who work under him/her feel intimidated. This sign runs a tight ship in the workplace. As an employee, Scorpio is punctual, dutiful and does his/her job with perfection. Sagittarius on the other hand is happy go lucky and is more forgiving of errors made in a work environment. The archer doesn’t have time for holding grudges or criticizing others. After all Sagittarius is the eternal optimist. Sagittarius makes a good teacher when someone doesn’t understand a concept in business. The archer can be loose with his/her money. It’s not that he/she is rich necessarily in as much as he/she is lucky when it comes to finances. Jupiter is the archer’s ruling planet. Sagittarius can be impatient and cut corners if in a hurry. The conflict between these signs is that Scorpio is more uptight and nervous about tasks getting done right whereas Sagittarius wants things to get done but isn’t going to sweat being perfect about certain things. A young Sagittarian may display signs of compulsive behavior, but years mellow this sign. Scorpio on the other hand wants others to be perfect like him/her and yet regardless of this desire still feels he/she is the best at doing whatever tasks. Scorpio appear confident but, is insecure, whereas Sagittarius is generally more outgoing and demonstrates confidence.

Will love to pass me by? Scorpio is very passionate and has a dark and kinky side to him/her. When they find “the one,” Scorpio is very giving, loving and possessive. Scorpio can get jealous and he/she is very intuitive. Whoa to the person who wrongs a Scorpio, as this sign holds grudges and has been known to have a temper despite the sometimes seemingly quiet demeanor. Scorpio often experiences several lovers but can be fearful of trusting in love again if he/she has been burned. This sign mulls things over to exhaustion trying to resolve in his/her mind where things went wrong. Scorpio likes a lot of validation from his/her significant other. Sagittarius on the other hand is not jealous and has its own brand of intuition. The archer does not like to be lied to and sees red if he/she discovers someone has not been honest with him/her. Unlike the Scorpio however, Sagittarians generally do not hold grudges. Sagittarius wants to have the perfect kind of love; however, this is a sign that does not like to be smothered. Although the archer does like a kind word or two along the way, his/her day is not made or broken if the validation isn’t ever present. Sagittarius men are often thought of as players not wanting commitment. Freedom is very important to the archer, however, if this sign is not suffocated, he/she will stay. Sagittarians bore easily and like adventure. Sometimes this sign trusts too readily not anticipating being scorned. The conflict for these two signs comes with trust and confidence of which the archer has both, whereas the Scorpio can often appear to only have these qualities.

(December 21 to December 22)

How am I going to do business? Sagittarius often shoots from the hip when it comes to making decisions. Either it feels right, or it doesn’t. Sometimes he/she doesn’t know exactly why he/she feels a certain way but will decide many things without a lot of contemplation. Because of the archer’s keen sense of intuition and good read on others, Sagittarius is on key more than not in a business environment. The archer’s impatience and desire to jump to the conclusion of a project without doing all the tried and tested steps can sometimes however backfire on the archer. Capricorn on the other hand is very logical and methodical in his/her approach towards business. The ram’s intelligence is remarkable especially when it comes to finding solutions to problems. Capricorn however can be a procrastinator and miss opportunities if he/she is not careful. Many seek the wisdom of the ram as he/she is hardworking and very knowledgeable about many things. The conflict between these two signs is that Sagittarius wants things to happen now and doesn’t want to necessarily take his/her time to think things through. Capricorn conversely can be slow to act and has been known to overthink situations.
Will love to pass me by? The archer is fun loving, adventurous and spontaneous. His/her personality is magnetic to many, as Sagittarius has a sunny and lively disposition. This sign pays attention to behavior of others and is somewhat choosy when it comes to a true love interest. They like to be stimulated, and as such do not do well with those who don’t seem to communicate on both their educational level, but their quick wit as well. Sagittarius will date several, but not settle for just anyone. Capricorn is very rooted, frugal and sometimes too serious. They are hardworking as well as loyal when they’ve found the right mate. Their wit is compatible with the archer’s, however, in many ways these two are like night and day. Sagittarius likes to have fun and kid around whereas Capricorn sometimes finds it difficult to as the expression goes, “let his/her hair down.” Sagittarius is often a philosophical and romantic soul needing much of the same in a partner. Conversely, Capricorn doesn’t necessarily see the practicality in romance and is a bit bewildered why anyone would want to philosophize.

Capricorn – Aquarius
(January 19 to January 20)

How am I going to do business? Capricorn has a sharp mind and can see the flaws in situations faster than most people. The ram’s intelligence is very appealing to those wanting to do business with him/her. However, there is the procrastinating side that can cause projects to be placed on the back burner. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very intelligent and can pick up concepts readily and easily. It is said that many have photographic memories and are hands above the general population in terms of intelligence. Aquarians have a keen perception and innately know the steps he/she must take to attain success. Capricorn on the other hand is good at what he/she does but the climb to the top is often met with stumbling blocks and sometimes jealousy from co-workers. Aquarius will get the job done in a timely manner but if on the cusp with Capricorn can put things off and be a bit stubborn about getting things done. Aquarians also can make choices that leave others scratching their head as to why they did certain things as they did. Their logic seems to only make sense to them, as compared to a Capricorn who can often justify their choices by research, he/she is ready to share.
Will love to pass me by? Capricorn is loyal and hardworking and often viewed as a good catch. However, many times the ram is sarcastic and ironically doesn’t always understand ordinary humor. It is sometimes difficult for the ram to plan romantic outings or show tenderness and yet occasionally he/she will surprise the one they care about with something sweet and caring. Love is a bit awkward for this sign and as such they try to observe what others are doing in order to learn how to act accordingly. Capricorns are giving and accept responsibility well. Creativity however is not high on their list when it comes to planning dates or outings. Both signs are somewhat awkward with expressing emotions. Aquarius however likes to be the center of attention if something goes wrong in his/her life. It’s almost as if Aquarius is disinterested in becoming emotional or doesn’t know how to show concern. Aquarius does like sweet gestures given to him/her and enjoys being remembered. If this air sign puts thought and effort into a gift given to you, then you know he/she does care. Many times, Aquarius is disinterested in giving gifts that show thought and emotion. Both signs can be aloof with tender expressions and yet there is a bit of a small child in Aquarius that regardless of his/her extreme intelligence, he/she wants the kind and sweet displays of love and if given the chance would give the same in return for the right person. Capricorn can be stoic when it comes to sweet gestures and appreciation for what is done for him/her. Capricorn’s attitude can be “I bring home a paycheck and this shows I care and should be enough.” For Aquarius, it’s never enough and often tough to please these folks.

Aquarius – Pisces
(February 18 to February 19)

How am I going to do business? Aquarians are very intelligent and can put the pieces together of what needs to go next in order to achieve success. However, if a conflict arises in the work environment, this air sign doesn’t like to get involved. One of the reasons for this reaction is because Aquarius doesn’t do well with emotions. They are very good with facts, events and data that enhance the work they choose. Many become involved in academics or even the health care field. Pisces conversely is so sensitive that sometimes he/she lets his/her emotions get the best of him or her. Pisces can have a difficult time in making what he/she perceives as being the right decision. Also, Pisces tries to put his/herself in other shoes which involves feelings. The conflict between these signs is how they deal with feelings in general. Aquarius is rather nonchalant whereas Pisces can where his/her heart on his/her sleeve. The Aquarian will get frustrated under certain situations whereas the Pisces is more patient and compassionate.
Will love to pass me by? Aquarians tend to have crushes on and sometimes fall in love with people who are unique and who you would never expect them to be with in a relationship. In this sense, they tend to be eclectic with their choices and leave others scratching their heads wondering what on earth were they were thinking? They aren’t emotional except when it comes to whatever is happening with them, so, unless they find the right person who caters to their non sentimental self, it’s tough being involved with this air sign. Some may go so far as to say an Aquarius can be self-absorbed. A fire sign (Sagittarius, Aries and Leo) can understand this air sign when Aquarius takes on a devil may care attitude. Pisces on the other side of this borderline sign can be so sensitive and feelings mean the world to him/her. They try extra hard to please those that they care about. They are loving and caring and often wear their heart on their sleeve. The conflict between caring and not caring often causes an internal struggle of the heart with the Aquarius/Pisces cusp individual. Aquarius can be impatient with what they want perhaps because their minds function at a fast speed. Pisces on the other side are patient and very in tune with his/her environment. Learning how to strike a balance between apathy and very caring would help this zodiac combination immensely.

Pisces- Aries
(March 21 to March 22)

How am I going to do business? Pisces has an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. They recognize needs and become gung-ho in accomplishing what they feel is necessary to succeed. They tend to be skilled in many areas and at the same time can drift off into a dreamy sort of state. Pisces are great team players and can do well in stressful situations in the work environment. Aries can also have many irons in the fire and one often must reel him/her in and get this fire sign to focus. Aries worst trait is his/her temper. Between being patient and zoning into another place as the Pisces can do and impatient and in a hurry as Aries can be, it would be best for this duo to take a step back and reassess the most successful way of doing things.

Will love to pass me by? Pisces is so sensitive and very loving. Some may peg this sign as being a people pleaser, however, once a Pisces falls in love, he/she is dedicated and works hard to make a relationship work. Pisces however is not a push over if pushed too far. This sign will make sure that his/her point is known. Aries can be blunt and sometimes too direct with those who get involved with him/her. Though both signs can be on the go, Pisces has more of a tendency to stay at home and enjoy the evening with his/her loved ones. Aries is always on the go but when he/she is available, this fire sign can be romantic and sweet. Sometimes Aries can have more expectations of his/her lover, whereas Pisces is more accepting of others he/she cares about. So, battling the bluntness of the fire in Aries with the sensitivity of Pisces can be quite the challenge to those who possess both signs’ traits. Both signs can be good lovers if the intentions are sincere.

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