Not everyone communicates in the same manner. Some people are more social and interactive with others despite their true desire to not be around others. Getting to know an air sign can often be fun, confusing and interesting. Despite their ability to be charming, the air signs often be demanding and sometimes impersonal. Remaining calm when they go on and on is often a good approach to take with the air group of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

Regardless of the personality characteristics a person is born with, a person’s style of communicating is often much different. Many times, people can feel how they are expressing themselves, but don’t comprehend why they communicate as they do. Further, those who communicate with an air sign should realize that they often wear many faces and display several sides of their personality depending on the situation and whether they are frustrated when expressing themselves. A look at the natal chart of an air sign will give deeper insight into this interesting facet.

So, what is the secret to communicating with another person if you aren’t aware of that person’s sun sign, moon sign and rising sign?

Each zodiac sign provides clues about how a person acts and reacts. The more you observe others, the more you begin to understand and recognize the types of traits that are in an individual’s chart. This in turn provides you with valuable information to get along better with those whom you come across in your journey.

There are three air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. All have similar traits, however, the way in which each interacts has an influence on how they respond, as well as their ability to engage others irrespective of the type of relationship they are in. The following examines communication techniques that Aquarius, Gemini and Libra have which exist on the day each were born.


Aquarius is often thought of as the genius of the zodiac. Many of them have photographic memories, put way too much pressure on themselves as a result of the expectations of others. They are often independent learners and are self-taught. They have an appreciation for languages, religions, history and music.

Those born under this sign are not good at expressing emotion. It’s not that they are cold, but they sometimes don’t know how to respond. As such, they either block out what they perceive as a stressful or emotion filled event or will pass the event onto someone whom they feel can better handle the circumstances. Aquarius is not big on change. Interestingly though, this air sign does like to explore new things, just not stressful ones.

Aquarius can be social and knows how to interact with all walks of life. However, they like their alone time too. Further, they often communicate best on a personal level with those who do not travel in their same educational circles, as well as those who have unique quirks about them. They often feel they can be more themselves with those who don’t expect them to always be intelligent. Further, Aquarius often feels like an outcast because of his/her intelligence.

This air sign is attracted to those with quick wit and often wants others to take initiative in finding the answers themselves. If you are trying hard but still need an Aquarius’ help, you will be delighted to know that they are willing to help, just not willing to do all your work for you.  It’s tough to pin this air sign down, so catching whomever on the spot is a good bet for being able to converse with them. After all, Aquarius is air and blows through at his/her own pace irrespective of yours.

Recognizing Aquarius Traits- The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of an individual born under the sign of Aquarius:

  • Interesting, witty, intelligent, attentive, spontaneous, accepting, fun and imaginative.
  • Detached, egotistical, unreliable, demanding, impulsive, insecure

How to communicate with an Aquarius – Aquarians are some of the easiest people to speak with as they are very accepting of others. Since this sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of enormous changes and genius mind set, these folks are race car fast with their communications especially if it involves things that they can foresee happening in the future. You’ll never know quite how the Aquarian is thinking, as he/she goes by intuition more than logic.

If you work with an Aquarius, it’s wise to allow him/her the freedom of choice to choose how he/she wants to do a job. The result will be amazing, as Aquarius has a zest for things that he/she is passionate about. You may recognize an Aquarian by the sincerity he/she displays when assisting others. You may have to prove to the Aquarian that you are genuinely trying to accomplish whatever task, however before he/she will help you.

The Aquarian doesn’t do well in large group settings and would prefer working with one or two people, as this is more of a match for this air sign. Since the Aquarian has a photographic and good memory, you won’t need to explain or repeat yourself very often. Don’t try to analyze the Aquarian. Just be aware that this air sign can be unreliable and hard to figure out the water bearer’s game plan.

Aquarius is a paradox. On the one hand, he/she can be very methodical and on the other, he/she can be impulsive, erratic and unpredictable. Some of their decisions do not make sense to the rest of the world. Also, those born under this air sign can often be unemotional when it comes to other’s plights, however, expect their misfortunes to take center stage and be tended to on the spot. This tendency may lead others to believe that the Aquarian is narcissistic, however it is more complicated than that.

The Aquarian doesn’t know how to relate to other individual’s problems. They are more comfortable with assessing objective problems. Do not communicate your problems to this sign unless you know he/she has knowledge in the area your concerned about.

Aquarians can be quick on their feet with responses and when angered can have a sharp tongue if provoked, or they can be accepting and reasonable when given news that they don’t want to hear. There is no in between with these folks. Choose when and how to say things that the Aquarian may perceive as undesirable news.

In general, Aquarians are very intelligent, and some would say Einstein like. They are fun, entertaining and easy going most of the time. They can be sympathetic but aren’t very good at showing emotion for the woes of others. They are hard workers but don’t react well to setbacks. Aquarians can go into depression when things don’t go as planned. Respect the Aquarian for his/her genius side and embrace the creative, spontaneous part of his/her personality even though he/she can be quirky, distant and unresponsive at times.


Gemini is often referred to as the twins. One is full of fun and frolic, while the other can be very moody. The fun side has been likened to Peter Pan in never wanting to grow up while the moody side can get dark and sullen. The Gemini doesn’t know when he/she will switch moods and why. He/she is often caught off guard by the emotional rollercoaster this sign experiences.

Gemini is very intelligent and knows as well as retains a lot of random facts. As an avid reader, the Gemini can carry a good conversation with many individuals. Gemini often is a good listener when engaged in conversation as is demonstrated by his/her focus to details. Sometimes Gemini can feel a little uneasy in his/her own skin and thus can be awkward among large crowds.

Although Gemini knows a lot of people, he/she often doesn’t have a lot of close friends. However, those they do have, and trust will have the Gemini’s gift of gab bestowed upon them. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. As such, Gemini enjoys talking and being witty. Many Gemini are lonely and cling to those who give them attention. If they aren’t given it, the Gemini can become very depressed.

Geminis can sometimes be too caring. It’s important to set boundaries if you feel suffocated by the attention given to you by this twin sign. The Gemini doesn’t like to be told, “no.” The Gemini will understand and respect you more however if you establish guidelines regarding the frequency of  your communication.

Recognizing Gemini’s Traits- The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of an individual born under the sign of Gemini:

  • Positive Traits: Imaginative, perceptive, analytical, adaptable, funny, communicative, clever, friendly, intense, helpful and caring
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits: Demanding, withdrawn, over talkative, nervous, distracted, argumentative, stubborn

How to communicate with a Gemini – Geminis are task oriented and need guidance and direction, especially since they can be easily distracted. Note however that Gemini does best if they are allowed some freedom to be creative with their duties. They are always willing to help.  Geminis are not easily fooled and often want facts when approaching them about business.

Although Gemini can make snarky remarks about others, he/she finds it difficult to take the medicine he/she dishes out. Criticism is a tough pill for the Gemini to swallow. As such, be constructive and as upbeat as possible when delivering any type of evaluation or opinion about him/her and his/her personal or business work/projects.

Furthermore, Gemini can be both logical and emotional. Sometimes this makes communicating with him/her challenging. It is important to make the Gemini feel appreciated for his/her efforts. They often seek approval and they observe if you are paying attention to them. They can spot a phony a mile away. Sincerity is key for the Gemini.

Additionally,this twin personality is quirky when it comes to expressing emotions. They do not handle rejection well and would rather be the one who doles out the rejection than to be a recipient of it. Also, when a crisis occurs, the Gemini can be nervous and anxious and yet lack what would be considered a normal concern to the disaster. Further, they can be analytical over these situations and remain cool and detached at the same time.

In general, this air sign needs approval by letting him/her express affection. The twins in part are entertaining, fun and creative in their approach to life. They are friendly, giving and caring individuals who want to feel others appreciate them. Because of their talkative nature, they can blab too much.

Also, suggestions for a change in approach or behavior should be cautiously made, as Gemini can flip on a dime and become sarcastic, as well as argumentative. Overall, the twins are versatile adaptable and interesting. If you can roll with their distracted, nervous, argumentative and often stubborn part of their dual personality, you’ll enjoy a fun, lively, optimistically independent soul.


Libra is often known for the charm, manipulation and disdain for conflict. This sign represents balance. The Libran can be understanding, clever and perfectionistic. Although this sign has a lot of energy and may be considered feisty, it can also relax, thereby demonstrating opposite needs of working and resting hard.

Many like to be around Libra for his/her good nature as well as ability to get others to smile and laugh. Also, Libra can survive in most social situations as though it is second nature to him/her. Libra is giving, affectionate and loving.

Libra doesn’t necessarily like conflict. However, if the Libran is being ignored, the Libran can get frustrated and become over controlling. Libra believes in doing things the right way…a system of checks and balances of all who are involved in the Libran’s life. They are adept at evaluating circumstances and giving good advice.

Their entertaining nature as well as good sense of humor often make them a joy to be around. They are often social, goal-oriented and supportive of those they are close to by providing good encouragement as well as interest in the projects of others. On the flip side, they can be pushy, stressful and demanding if allowed.

Recognizing Libra’s Traits- The following are the attractive and not so favorable traits of an individual born under the sign of Libra:

  • Positive Traits:  Intense, evaluative, loving, romantic, convincing, charming, polite, amusing, perfectionistic and clever.
  • Eyebrow Raising Traits:  Demanding, rejecting, critical, over-controlling, harsh, and pushy.

Libra is a very ambitious and goal-oriented sign, however, those born under the sun sign of Libra have a very charming personality that often convinces others to do some of his/her work. Sometimes Libra is pushy especially when he/she needs to have something accomplished or perceives whatever life event as being urgent.

Further, Libra can be straight forward and commanding of others to get the things that Libra wants done. Their motto often is “Chop chop, time is wasting!” They often make you feel compelled to abide by their wishes, as their wrath can be brutal and cold if they perceive that they are the only ones working towards what is supposed to be a common goal.

It can be challenging communicating with a Libra as sometimes he/she is a double-edged sword. He/she can be lighthearted, fun and can share personal information with you however, if Libra doesn’t like the direction your relationship with him/her is going or your reaction or the topic you are conversing about, Libra will shut down your role in his/her life or the conversation without warning. Sometimes the self-centered part of Libra makes communication difficult.

Libra likes attention and when he/she does not get it, the Libran can become sad and begin to sulk. The Libra is always evaluating and wanting balance even though he/she knows life isn’t always fair. Try to be rational, objective and unselfish when presenting your views, as Libra will not tolerate one-sided arguments very well.

The self-assured Libra can be intense. If a Libra is not happy with circumstances, albeit business or that which is personal in nature, he/she will leave without notice.  Conversely, those who have been left will feel Libra’s actions are rather harsh. As such, be aware of Libra’s sensitivity to criticism and his/her desire to be seen in his/her best light. Finally, be constructive in your communications with Libra, as he/she feels that he/she is the best judge of whatever is going on in his/her life.