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People often dream of wanting to have a happier life. Perhaps this includes being in business or  having better work and personal relationships. Some people aren’t sure what they want to do in life.  The great puzzle seems to be, how do you get to where you will be happiest and where things fall into place?

My great passion is bringing clarity to people who need help in finding out why things are as they are in their lives. I also show individuals possible life paths that may be suitable for their individual personalities, as well as how to  further their personal and business goals. I know no single approach is right for everyone. As a professional business consultant and astrologer, I help people create customized road maps that help them navigate to a more understandable and satisfying life.

I offer personal and workplace development consulting, as well as training for handling individual and professional conflicts, managing change and communication strategies that promote healthier and happier relationships.

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