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Accurate on Both Personal and Professional Inquiries…Detailed, Analytical and Enjoyable! Aileen has always been consistent in her descriptions of my Sign characteristics, never customizing them to fit this topic or another. She brings clarity to situations by allowing me to understand what influences are being brought to bear by the many aspects of these Astrological pressures. She also makes the process enjoyable, relating her conveyance to the tenor of the questions asked. You’ll appreciate her responses during your conversations and value the time you spend with her.    Dan S

Aileen was able to tell me much more than a simple Scorpio astrology; she gave me insights into who I am. I confess I went into my reading with some doubts. What I learned about the accuracy and validity of my chart was much deeper that I could have expected. Aileen was able to tell me much more than a simple Scorpio astrology; she gave me insights into who I am, clarity on what makes me the person I am, and provided guidance that has proven both helpful and detailed. I look forward to continuing to work with Aileen on both business and personal charting.    Greg W.

Aileen tells it as is and more…way more!! Want to truly know your driving force…what is holding you back…how you click with your partner or what is reinforcing…or even destructive…want to get in touch with your own deeper truths, your inner secrets, and your universal wisdom, it’s right here with Aileen. Aileen’s readings have made a huge difference in both my man’s and my life and understanding of each other!   Goddess of The Universe 


She’s Amazing! It’s amazing how she’s doing it! You can really find yourself in Aileen’s interpretations. Learn more about yourself and you will come closer to you and get tools to work on and better yourself.   Rom Azul 

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